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Throwing up is sexy!

I dropped by the accountants today to drop off a cheque, and as always, I was impressed by the lovely building that their office is in. Walking away today, however, I was struck with the hilarious thought that the building looks, in an odd way, like Xavier's huge house. I have no idea what the building was before it was turned into offices. It's a heritage building, so probabaly nothing so fun as a mutant hideout, but one can imagine XD Here's a pic of the place.

Now I want to leave an office building AU prmpt over at the kink meme. Oh god.

XMFC has also proven that I have a rediculous memory for rediculous things. I downloaded a bluray copy of the film, because I am tres poor and cannot afford ot buy it right now, but, not thinking, I didn't download the subtitles file. I don't remember what my thought process was at the time, maybe I thought it would be hard subbed for the non-english scenes. Suffice to say, it was not, and my mom and I watched it without subtitles.

Cue rediculous memory.

I narrated the non-english scenes for my mom, from memory. Not having seen the movie since the first week is was in theatres. Okay, I saw it three times that week, but still. I may have ad libbed a little, but I was pretty close (if I do say so myself). My mom thought I was fairly entertaining, especialy when I was translating Shaw's genetics rant at the very beginning:

Me-as-Shaw: *opening chocolate" Genes are important, Erik. These Nazi's tho, they have crazy ideas. Blonde hair, blue eyes. That's bullshit. Have some chocolate!
Mom: XDDDD. Seriously?
Me: More or less.

I think I'm going to bully her into watching Thor with me tonight. No fun scenes to translate in that though, alas.

Chip Foose!
So I live in the ghetto. My mom and her husband split up earlier this year, and her and I moved into more affordable living, which is code for living in the ghetto part of town. And I'm not kiddling by ghetto, 3 weeks after we moved in I saw a guy get the shit beat out of him by guys with baseballs bats (at the house across the street from mine) and the cops were ringing our doorbell at 5am today (apparently - I slept through it).

But I digress.

Part of living in the ghetto means that we are living in the back apartment of a much larger house that is divided into bachelor apartments. Currently there are all men living in the house, some of which I believe are university students. Some are not. One of my neighbours is a nice guy who occasionally delivers our mail (it's all dumped in the mail slot at the front of the building) and even brought a load of laundry up from the basement the other day. It's a little bizarre, but I can handle it.

Anyway, another sign of the ghetto is that we have mice. And not just a few. Since setting up traps a few weeks ago we've caught no less than a dozen mice, and I know there are more. Our landlord brought in this electric dodad that is supposed to drive them out, and it seemed to have worked for a few days, but in the last day or so the mice have returned. The other night my mom and I heard the trap go off in the hall that connects our apartment to the rest of the house. We decided against dealing witht he mouse right away, but heard someone in the house open the door and some shuffling. So my mom went to investigate. It was mail dude dealing with the mouse and resetting the trap. Yay mouse savior. They chatted about mice and then mom came back.

Just now I head him in there again, resetting the trap. And then I heard it go off, and him cursing. I hope it didn't get him and they he was just pissed that it didn't stay, but it seriously made me laugh to think of this guy being thwarted by a chunk of pine and some wire. XD
12th-Sep-2011 07:20 pm - I am well and truly smitten
By a new fandom. Yes, yes. X-Men Frist Class has become my sun and moon. I can deny it no longer.

I realize this after my mother came home for the day and asked why the blinds weren't open. Aside from the fact that I went to the gym, didn't get home until almost noon, and then was out for an hour on an errand, the answer was: because I read fic all day and the blinds didn't need to be open for that.


There is also the fact that I stayed up to an obscene hour lastnight reading. I haven't done that since undergrad. Whoops?

In any case, I have watched this fanvid [Eric/Charles, to Mika's Happy Ending] way too many times in the past week. They are just so terribly TRAGIC that it pushes every single one of my angst buttons - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. ASDFGHJKLDSIHBSFBO. Seriously.

All of the amazingly cracktastic AU's floating about that have been gnawing on little corners of my brain, including these:

Serial Killer AU by [info]hero_for_ghosts | Eric/Charles, Eric is killing people and Charles is the agent assigned to catch him.

The Hazards of Love by [info]pidgeoned | Hospital AU | Eric/Charles, kink-meme promt: "Charles and Erik are
attendings, Hank is the chief resident, and the rest of the kids are residents/interns/medical students just trying to save lives."

First Dates by [info]chiasmus | Modern AU, still powered | Erik/Charles, Emma and Charles are old friends from prep school/college. Erik and Emma are setup on a blind date that goes terribly. This is how Erik meets Charles, and the story of his and Charles' first date.

We're All Here Because We're Not All Here by poptartmuse | Rehab AU | Erik/Charles, Charles and the gang are in treatment at the Elizabeth Braddock Rehabilitation Clinic for their various problems. Erik is the new patient, convinced he's going to die.

1stclass_kink also eats my brain in unmentionable ways. Mostly because there is lots of Hank/Alex porn :|

10th-Sep-2011 10:30 am - behind on books
Lyndsay Says Homo!
I'm extra behind on my book tracking for 2011, in that I haven't talked about it once. Because I fail. So. I'm gonna start with the January books and go from there. January was apparently not a busy reading time for me. Only 2 novels. I'll have to make up for that now XD

The City Who Fought by Anne McCaffrey & S.M. Stirling | 448p
I enjoyed this series greatly once I finally got around to reading it. This particular entry into the series was different from the others because the 'Brain' that it followed wasn't a starship, but rather a space station. Under attack. Military fiction pushes my buttons, military SF pushes more, and Stirling's military SF pushes more buttons than I'd care to admit. I need to read more of his stuff. I have his T2 series waiting in Calibre to read, maybe I should get on it.

The Ship Who Won by Anne McCaffrey & Jody Lynn Nye | 336p
I thoroughly enjoy this tag team. I loved the Ireta novels done by these two, so I was pleased when there was a 'Ship' book done by the two of them. This entry has that mix of magic and technology that I love, and the relationship between the ship and her brawn was entertaining.

There are still 2 novels from this series that I haven't read yet. I should get on that.

And that was it for January :| I don't even remember what else I was doing in January that I wasn't reading. I only had 1 class at the time. It was probably a combination of freaking out about possibly not getting financial assistance and prepping for all the CLA stuff I was doing as part of the student group executive. Meh.

January total: 2 novels | 784p

In other, more recent news, I think I want to change my layout. Now that I actually understand css (at least more than I used to), I think I could actually do something other than piss around with my layout. I will miss my KUrbz!Bones, but I'm really jonesing for an X-Men First Class layout. McAvoy and Fassbender? Yes please.
24th-Aug-2011 12:39 pm - Writer's Block: Once upon a time…
What is the first line of your favorite book?

It's been a disgracefully long time since I've posted in my journal. I can only blame life and my own laziness. In the past 7 months (!!!) I've completed (and graduated from) my MLIS at Western, worked at the FIMS GRC, was on the executive of the FIMS CLA student group, moved back in with my mother, completed a shot term work contract with my former employer and have found a new part time job.

I still haven't found a real (read: library) job, but I'm working on it. I'm also working on a whoe SLEW of Halloween costumes in the coming weeks, which I will probably be posting about. Lots of construction pictures. Yes. I want to chronicle the journal of each costume.

Now, onto the actual answer for today's writer's block, which I just couldn't pass up:

Lady Rezalla Boynton-Chonderlee was often bemused and puzzled by her body-heir, Nimisha Boynton-Rondymense, as the child began to develop a personality.

from Anne McCaffrey's Nimisha's Ship. Hands down my favourite book. I've read it at last a dozen times, probably more. This is probably the reason I read so heavily in sci-fi now. Aliens and space ships just tickle me, nevermind the fact that I'll read anything by McCaffrey like 20-someodd Pern novels :|. I can't even really explain why I love it so much. It's a bit arbitrary, but there's just something about it that I love. I might have something to do with those wonderful character names :D
21st-Jan-2011 08:27 pm - best birthday present(s) ever (!!!)
So I turned the big two-five on Wednesday, and it was pretty low key. I didn't have any celebratory plans until Thursday, and I ended up just having a very lazy day on Wednesday.

Thursday turned out to be the best un-birthday ever. Not only did I find my razor (which had been MIA for 2 weeks after it got lost in the Christmas shuffle) but I got an email from my school's Financial Aid office saying that I qualified for a part-time student loan. Yay! And and even better, the majority of my funds were actually a grant, and not a loan, meaning that I don't have to repay them. Double yay!! I actually ended up getting more money than I thought I was going to get (more than I even applied for) which will improve my financial situation greatly.

I've been on cloud nine since yesterday. I had tons of fun birthday bowling (a tradition I started with my roommates in undergrad), I won $10 on a scratch ticket, and my mom is coming up to visit tomorrow so we can go birthday shopping. I plan on making her buy me a new drying rack. One of these. (Don't judge, I've been wanting a nice drying rack for ages now).

I also talked to my Grandma tonight and she told me that she was just going to send me money for my birthday. Money that I've already designated as fun-money. Hair cut, here I come :D
17th-Jan-2011 09:47 pm - BORED!
Chip Foose!
Just having a bleh day.

For something to do? Meme!Collapse )

In other news, I want cake. Would it be bad for me to buy myself a birthday cake and eat it all to myself?


22nd-Dec-2010 12:51 pm - book roundup
Because I have been lax in pretty much everything of late, I'm doing all my remaining books in one post.

These are in approximate order as to when I read them, most recent at the bottom. I don't actually have the notebook where I track all this stuff with me, so I can't remember when I read half of these. Sometime in the last 2 or 3 months though.

Watch by Robert J. Sawyer | 368p
Second in the WWW trilogy, this left me with a more concrete feeling than the first one, Wake. Every page of Wake that I read I remember thinking "I don't know if I like this :S" but that wasn't the case with Watch. Maybe it was because all of the set-up was done in the first book and so the second was all meat. Either way, I enjoyed it and await the third novel, Wonder, in 2011.

Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne | 200p

Wanted to read this for a while, but couldn't find it anywhere. LPL finally got it in and I snapped it up. I really liked the diary-style writing, and the pictures and scribbles really added effect. Good story as well. Have the second one waiting for me on my Kindle.

The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey | 256p
Partnership by Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Ball | 323p
The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey & Mercedes Lackey | 320p

I love Anne McCaffrey. I've wanted to read this series since I was a young teenager after reading a GW fic based on the brain-brawn idea. Finally got around to it all these years later. I really liked The Ship Who Sang, Partnership was a little ehhh, and The Ship Who Searched was also good. I have two more in the series waiting on my Kindle for when I have time.

Starfish by Peter Watts | 368p
After reading Robert Sawyer, I was interested in reading more Canadian SF, so I raided the Canadian Fiction genreflecting guide at the resource center and wrote down like 20 titles I thought looked good. Unfortunately, the LPL had almost none of them, except this one (and the rest of the series). I'm glad they did, because it turned out to be pretty awesome. Really dark, part psychological thriller, some horror, and some techno thriller bits all mixed up. Made me a bit shivery.

Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen | 241p
I saw this on the shelf at Coles and couldn't not take it home with me. It's been forever since I'd actually done that at the bookstore and I wasn't sorry (until I found the ebook a few weeks later). Hilarious and bloody, this is some awesome zombie entertainment. The couple who stars has an on-the-rocks marriage and their bitching is pretty funny. Some of the most entertaining zombie kills I've seen as well, including death by toilet seat. The first of a series, apparently. Can't wait for more.

The Unit by Ninni Holmquist | 268p
This was book talked in my Reader's Advisory class by my prof and I absolutely had to read it. I'm such a sucker for the dystopian future genre. Loved the bittersweet ending.

The Less-Dead by April Lurie | 219p
This and the next four boos were found on Kirkus' list of 2010 best books for teens (although looking at it now, some of these titles aren't there o.o). This particular title had murder, intrigue, a little gay romance, and a slightly weak ending. Not a complete waste of time, but it could have been better.

Illyria by Elizabeth Hand | 135p
I think some of my fanfiction preference guided me to chose this book. The main characters are kissing cousins (who do more than kiss) and the angst they go through because of it. Not bad, kind of satisfying, could stand to be more detailed, but that's just my preference for epic fiction coming through.

Hush by Eishes Chayil | 359p
A random pick by me, outside of my usual reading preferences. It talks about the secular world of the Jewish community and the lengths they will go to to keep outsiders out and secrets secret. An intriguing read about a serious subject. Highly recommend.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan | 310p
Picked this one for the whiff of gay romance it offered. And it turned out to be a bit more gay than I expected, but it a good way. So much teen angst, it reminded me of high school. Hilarious and heartwreching in parts, it made me remember what being a teenager was like, and glad that I no longer am one XD

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher | 458p
A failed utopia, a society that doesn't age, and an amnesiac prisoner who might be a missing prince are the keystoes to this story. Mysteries and secret plots abound, as do action and adventure. Protagonist is a bit whiny for my liking, but I enjoy the female lead and her mentor, as well as her somewhat scary father. My love for secondary characters is coming out for this one.

The Age of Zeus by James Lovegrove | 678p

By far the longest book I read this year, by almost 200 pages, I wasn't sure I actually wanted to read it after I picked it up from the library. I read the first book in the 'series' earlier in the year (The Age of Ra) and was fairly disappointed with it. I'm glad I did finally read it though, because Zeus was much better, and more along the lines of what I was expecting from the series as a whole. Am looking forward to the third, The Age of Odin.

I'm also going to include the book that I am reading right now, because I will be finished it before the end of 2010, but I don't know if I'll have anything to add after that.

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher | 464p
The sequel to Incarceron, I've been on-again, off-again reading this. Having not yet made it to the end, I haven't discovered all the answers, but the slow reveal is killing me.

Also, some graphic novels.

The Walking Dead, Volumes 1-4 by Robert Kirkman et al. | 552p
In preparation for the Walking Dead TV series, I started reading the comics. Incredibly satisfying zombie killing action, gruesome storyline, some annoying characters, but there always are. Don't really care for the comic protagonist, he can't seem to get his act together. Will read more though.

The Authority, 13 volumes, by about a million authors/artists | 2,096p
I read the first volume of the series, plus one of the side stories in the summer, and then dled digital copies of the rest of the series and read it all. Never recorded it, but when I was creating my list I thought I would add these as well. Dark and dirty superheroes, I heart them so hard. Very happy that there is new material coming out. Unhappy that it's such a pain in the ass to find print editions of the series. Boo.

Alright, so the final count.

2009 numbers:
56 novels @ 22,184 pages (average 396p)
10 GN @ 2,664 pages (average 266p)

2010 numbers:
58 novels @ 19,011 pages (average 328p)
50 GN @ 9,082 pages (average 181p)

Larger quantities, although fewer physical pages for the novels. I read a lot of YA titles this year which usually have lower page counts. Read a shit tonne of graphic novels, which can't be equated exactly to novels, but considering that there are 50 in addition to the 58 novels, I think it's safe to say that I read more this year than I did last year. And some of these were even for class!

30th-Nov-2010 04:09 pm - damn you Cyber Monday
Leeloo looks good in orange!
I know it's Tuesday, but I still wish to curse Cyber Monday.

Knit Picks is having a huge sale on yarn for Cyber Monday
and the yarn I want to use to make a Susie Hoodie is on sale. Unfortunately, I would need to purchase 12 skeins, and even at a discount, that is a mighty hefty price tag.

As painful as it is, I need to not buy the wonderful sale-price yarn, and use up the yarn I currently have stashed. I've barely touched my shawl, I haven't even thought about the cardigan I have the yarn for, and I just bought some fairly expensive yarn over the weekend at Lettuce Knit to make a scarf and hopefully accessories.

I just realized I spent a ridiculous amount on that yarn. Oh well. One must splurge from time to time.

School is almost over for the semester. Will be back for one more because co-op is a bastard and I once again did not secure a position. Scraping together the money for tuition next term should be fun. Blah.

Back to the grind. Need to finish a paper sometime in the next hour and go to class at 6. Oh, and eat.
As much at they may have hated me at Michael's today, I totally hate them back.

I went over there to pick up some yarn to make a hat for a friend. I had to 50% off coupon that I'd printed before going, which can't be used on sale items. I get to the store and half the yarn section is on sale, which is balls because 50% off is definitely cheaper than whatever crappy sale Michael's would put on (50 cents off, whoopie! </sarcasm>). So I grab a ball of yarn that has no sale sticker anywhere NEAR it, and head to the checkout. On the way I browse the ribbon, which is on sale 50% off. I need ribbon for a hat that I recently knitted. I found some that was the right colour, and continue to the checkout.

When I get there, I pull out my coupon and give it to the cashier. She  tells me that I can't use it because the yarn is on sale, because all the yarn is on sale. I argue that there were no signs saying it was on sale. She insists. I asked how much it was and she said $4.99. Well, there was another ball on sale for $3.49, and if I'm only buying crappy acrylic I might as well pay $1.50 less. I tell her so, she gives me bitchface, I take my ribbon and go back to the yarn section. I grab the cheaper ball of yarn and go back to the checkout. To a different cashier.

This time, the ribbon comes up as full price, when it should have been on sale. I say so the cashier. She says that only certain brands are on sale, and that it was probably just put there by a customer. I'm thinking that this isn't really my problem. I tell her that there was a whole box of the same types of ribbon on the sale shelf. She seems unconvinced but calls a minion over to check it out. He takes like 5 minutes finding ribbon that's in an aisle 10 ft away. When he finally come's back he says "well I'm not sure if it's the right kind, but there are a bunch there." So I got it for half price (when I probably shouldn't have) but still!

Worst visit to Michael's ever.
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