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Heading to the End of the World
damn you Cyber Monday 
30th-Nov-2010 04:09 pm
Leeloo looks good in orange!
I know it's Tuesday, but I still wish to curse Cyber Monday.

Knit Picks is having a huge sale on yarn for Cyber Monday
and the yarn I want to use to make a Susie Hoodie is on sale. Unfortunately, I would need to purchase 12 skeins, and even at a discount, that is a mighty hefty price tag.

As painful as it is, I need to not buy the wonderful sale-price yarn, and use up the yarn I currently have stashed. I've barely touched my shawl, I haven't even thought about the cardigan I have the yarn for, and I just bought some fairly expensive yarn over the weekend at Lettuce Knit to make a scarf and hopefully accessories.

I just realized I spent a ridiculous amount on that yarn. Oh well. One must splurge from time to time.

School is almost over for the semester. Will be back for one more because co-op is a bastard and I once again did not secure a position. Scraping together the money for tuition next term should be fun. Blah.

Back to the grind. Need to finish a paper sometime in the next hour and go to class at 6. Oh, and eat.
22nd-Dec-2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
you needs to update your read books list cause the year is almost over!!! I want to know your numbers and if you went over last year!
22nd-Dec-2010 06:53 pm (UTC)
done and done.
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