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best birthday present(s) ever (!!!) 
21st-Jan-2011 08:27 pm
So I turned the big two-five on Wednesday, and it was pretty low key. I didn't have any celebratory plans until Thursday, and I ended up just having a very lazy day on Wednesday.

Thursday turned out to be the best un-birthday ever. Not only did I find my razor (which had been MIA for 2 weeks after it got lost in the Christmas shuffle) but I got an email from my school's Financial Aid office saying that I qualified for a part-time student loan. Yay! And and even better, the majority of my funds were actually a grant, and not a loan, meaning that I don't have to repay them. Double yay!! I actually ended up getting more money than I thought I was going to get (more than I even applied for) which will improve my financial situation greatly.

I've been on cloud nine since yesterday. I had tons of fun birthday bowling (a tradition I started with my roommates in undergrad), I won $10 on a scratch ticket, and my mom is coming up to visit tomorrow so we can go birthday shopping. I plan on making her buy me a new drying rack. One of these. (Don't judge, I've been wanting a nice drying rack for ages now).

I also talked to my Grandma tonight and she told me that she was just going to send me money for my birthday. Money that I've already designated as fun-money. Hair cut, here I come :D
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