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Writer's Block: Once upon a time… 
24th-Aug-2011 12:39 pm
What is the first line of your favorite book?

It's been a disgracefully long time since I've posted in my journal. I can only blame life and my own laziness. In the past 7 months (!!!) I've completed (and graduated from) my MLIS at Western, worked at the FIMS GRC, was on the executive of the FIMS CLA student group, moved back in with my mother, completed a shot term work contract with my former employer and have found a new part time job.

I still haven't found a real (read: library) job, but I'm working on it. I'm also working on a whoe SLEW of Halloween costumes in the coming weeks, which I will probably be posting about. Lots of construction pictures. Yes. I want to chronicle the journal of each costume.

Now, onto the actual answer for today's writer's block, which I just couldn't pass up:

Lady Rezalla Boynton-Chonderlee was often bemused and puzzled by her body-heir, Nimisha Boynton-Rondymense, as the child began to develop a personality.

from Anne McCaffrey's Nimisha's Ship. Hands down my favourite book. I've read it at last a dozen times, probably more. This is probably the reason I read so heavily in sci-fi now. Aliens and space ships just tickle me, nevermind the fact that I'll read anything by McCaffrey like 20-someodd Pern novels :|. I can't even really explain why I love it so much. It's a bit arbitrary, but there's just something about it that I love. I might have something to do with those wonderful character names :D
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