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behind on books 
10th-Sep-2011 10:30 am
Lyndsay Says Homo!
I'm extra behind on my book tracking for 2011, in that I haven't talked about it once. Because I fail. So. I'm gonna start with the January books and go from there. January was apparently not a busy reading time for me. Only 2 novels. I'll have to make up for that now XD

The City Who Fought by Anne McCaffrey & S.M. Stirling | 448p
I enjoyed this series greatly once I finally got around to reading it. This particular entry into the series was different from the others because the 'Brain' that it followed wasn't a starship, but rather a space station. Under attack. Military fiction pushes my buttons, military SF pushes more, and Stirling's military SF pushes more buttons than I'd care to admit. I need to read more of his stuff. I have his T2 series waiting in Calibre to read, maybe I should get on it.

The Ship Who Won by Anne McCaffrey & Jody Lynn Nye | 336p
I thoroughly enjoy this tag team. I loved the Ireta novels done by these two, so I was pleased when there was a 'Ship' book done by the two of them. This entry has that mix of magic and technology that I love, and the relationship between the ship and her brawn was entertaining.

There are still 2 novels from this series that I haven't read yet. I should get on that.

And that was it for January :| I don't even remember what else I was doing in January that I wasn't reading. I only had 1 class at the time. It was probably a combination of freaking out about possibly not getting financial assistance and prepping for all the CLA stuff I was doing as part of the student group executive. Meh.

January total: 2 novels | 784p

In other, more recent news, I think I want to change my layout. Now that I actually understand css (at least more than I used to), I think I could actually do something other than piss around with my layout. I will miss my KUrbz!Bones, but I'm really jonesing for an X-Men First Class layout. McAvoy and Fassbender? Yes please.
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