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200mph In the Wrong Direction
Heading to the End of the World
I am well and truly smitten 
12th-Sep-2011 07:20 pm
By a new fandom. Yes, yes. X-Men Frist Class has become my sun and moon. I can deny it no longer.

I realize this after my mother came home for the day and asked why the blinds weren't open. Aside from the fact that I went to the gym, didn't get home until almost noon, and then was out for an hour on an errand, the answer was: because I read fic all day and the blinds didn't need to be open for that.


There is also the fact that I stayed up to an obscene hour lastnight reading. I haven't done that since undergrad. Whoops?

In any case, I have watched this fanvid [Eric/Charles, to Mika's Happy Ending] way too many times in the past week. They are just so terribly TRAGIC that it pushes every single one of my angst buttons - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. ASDFGHJKLDSIHBSFBO. Seriously.

All of the amazingly cracktastic AU's floating about that have been gnawing on little corners of my brain, including these:

Serial Killer AU by [info]hero_for_ghosts | Eric/Charles, Eric is killing people and Charles is the agent assigned to catch him.

The Hazards of Love by [info]pidgeoned | Hospital AU | Eric/Charles, kink-meme promt: "Charles and Erik are
attendings, Hank is the chief resident, and the rest of the kids are residents/interns/medical students just trying to save lives."

First Dates by [info]chiasmus | Modern AU, still powered | Erik/Charles, Emma and Charles are old friends from prep school/college. Erik and Emma are setup on a blind date that goes terribly. This is how Erik meets Charles, and the story of his and Charles' first date.

We're All Here Because We're Not All Here by poptartmuse | Rehab AU | Erik/Charles, Charles and the gang are in treatment at the Elizabeth Braddock Rehabilitation Clinic for their various problems. Erik is the new patient, convinced he's going to die.

1stclass_kink also eats my brain in unmentionable ways. Mostly because there is lots of Hank/Alex porn :|

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