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200mph In the Wrong Direction
Heading to the End of the World
my accountant's office is in X Manor XD 
15th-Sep-2011 06:28 pm
Throwing up is sexy!

I dropped by the accountants today to drop off a cheque, and as always, I was impressed by the lovely building that their office is in. Walking away today, however, I was struck with the hilarious thought that the building looks, in an odd way, like Xavier's huge house. I have no idea what the building was before it was turned into offices. It's a heritage building, so probabaly nothing so fun as a mutant hideout, but one can imagine XD Here's a pic of the place.

Now I want to leave an office building AU prmpt over at the kink meme. Oh god.

XMFC has also proven that I have a rediculous memory for rediculous things. I downloaded a bluray copy of the film, because I am tres poor and cannot afford ot buy it right now, but, not thinking, I didn't download the subtitles file. I don't remember what my thought process was at the time, maybe I thought it would be hard subbed for the non-english scenes. Suffice to say, it was not, and my mom and I watched it without subtitles.

Cue rediculous memory.

I narrated the non-english scenes for my mom, from memory. Not having seen the movie since the first week is was in theatres. Okay, I saw it three times that week, but still. I may have ad libbed a little, but I was pretty close (if I do say so myself). My mom thought I was fairly entertaining, especialy when I was translating Shaw's genetics rant at the very beginning:

Me-as-Shaw: *opening chocolate" Genes are important, Erik. These Nazi's tho, they have crazy ideas. Blonde hair, blue eyes. That's bullshit. Have some chocolate!
Mom: XDDDD. Seriously?
Me: More or less.

I think I'm going to bully her into watching Thor with me tonight. No fun scenes to translate in that though, alas.

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