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27th-Oct-2010 11:39 am - om nom nom nom
Leeloo looks good in orange!
So I got the Robin Hood Love of Baking recipe and coupon book a few weeks ago. My mom got one in the mail, but since she was unwilling to give it up, I begged one off my friends mom, because she had 3.

Suuuuuch a good idea. I want to make pretty much everything in it. And it's kinda inspired me to go all Julie and Julia, and post about it. So, here goes.

The first thing I deiced to make were the Doughnut Muffins.

The process (with pictures!)Collapse )

They were so delicious and yummy. They didn't last long. A few things I might change for next time though. Would either use stronger tasting apples (like a granny smith maybe?) or add some cinnamon to the actually batter to enhance the apple taste. Maybe both.

Must to be getting back to my sewing machine.
25th-Oct-2010 09:28 am - class during reading week, boo
This is why I avoided Monday classes up 'til now. Make-up classes during reading week. So crappy.

What is also crappy are those stupid new ads that LJ has decided to use. Thank you for effing up my posting mojo, bastards.

Handed in my genre assignment today. Seven pages all about Westerns. As part of the assignment, we had to read two novels from our chosen genre. I chose one classic (Shane, 1949) and one contemporary (Trail Hand, 2006), so that I could compare. I also figured that I would at least enjoy the contemporary one, since I thought the classic would be boring. It didn't really turn out that way though XD

Shane by Jack Schaefer | 160p
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It probably had something to do with the fact that my brain kept superimposing John Sheppard onto Shane. I can't help it, he's such a space cowboy. Anyway. The only bit that bugged me about the book is that there was too much left unsaid. I wanted to know about Shane's past, I wanted to know what happened to him in the end. That's not how Western's work though, which is probably why I like epic science fiction better--more time spent in one universe. I don't like to let go. I was also amused by the odd love triangle that Shane had with the Starretts.

Trail Hand by R.W. Stone | 246p

This was a little more in the vein that I like, in that it wrapped up all the lose ends. But in wrapping them all up, it became a total cliche and I ended up not liking it as much as Shane. The adventure was good, full details were gievn. The main character was made, I don't know, almost too wordly. He had a comment about everything, he'd seen it all, and he'd seen the exception to the rule every time. It was irritating by the end, and a bit unrealistic, considering the protagonist as supposed to be fairly young. The conclusion was a bit to hurried, and left me shaking my head with a "wait, what?" feeling. I think I'll stick to reading a few more classics.
17th-Oct-2010 07:46 pm - break time
Hecklin' Twins
I've been slaving away at my co-op applications since about 10 this morning. I have 13 separate applications to do. I have finished 11 of them thus far and kinda run out of steam.

Have been procrastinating by way of Ravelry for the last 20 minutes. I updated a project. I'm making the Chapeau Marnier by Marnie MacLean.

This is what it looks like so far.Collapse )

When I went to the yarn shop to get the yarn I also bought yarn to make 2 pairs of gloves. I'm going to do a pair of Ringwood's in lime green, and a pair of these lace gloves in a wine red. So excited.

I guess I should get back to the grind. Only 2 more apps. And then I think I'll make pie. But first! Books.

Under Grand Hotel, Volume 1 by Mika Sadahiro | 320p

I ordered this from Amazon as soon as I found out it was being released in English. It is unrepentantly filthy and I love it. I was a little put off when I first opened it because the pages are only about 4x6 and I thought it would be too squished to read. It was not, however, and I devoured it. Can't wait to get volume 2, which comes out in November.

Wake by Robert J. Sawyer | 354p
I somehow missed Robert Sawyer in the science fiction world up until now. I must be blind. But I have rectified it now. I had mixed feelings about this book while I was reading it, but they kind of urged me to finish it. Some of the alternate plot lines are a bit weird, but I assume that they will be explained later in the series (trilogy, I guess).
16th-Oct-2010 11:42 am - I watch too much crime drama XD
Just caught myself up on this weeks CSI eps. When I should be working on an assignment. Or writing cover letters for co-op applications. But those things are boring, and CSI definitely was not this week.

CSI:NY had some Edward James Olmos guest star action. It made me all fangirly. Even more so because he was a 'bad guy' for the most part. Gangbanger what. I now want to spend the rest of my weekend marathoning BSG. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THOSE KINDS OF URGES RIGHT NOW.

CSI Vegas had a fun baddie this week too. A contortionist in fetish wear who liked to slice people up. It was more interesting than some of the stuff they've come up with lately. Although if they trot out the 'chimera' thing to explain the guy's psychosis, I'll be irritated. I feel like that shtick has been used once too often recently. Even if heterochromia is cool.

Haven't been doing the book thing, so I want to catch up a bit.

Promethea, Volumes 3-5 by Alan Moore et al. | 568p

I really really dug this series after reading the first 2 volumes. When I finally got the read the other 3 I was kinda disappointed. Too much metaphysical/metaphorical mumbo-jumbo. Half the time I couldn't even follow what the hell was going on. The art was wicked, some of the plot stuff was cool, but it was too slow for me to really enjoy. The fifth volume picked up a little more, but I still didn't enjoy it as much as the first two segments. A bit of a disappointment over all. Alas.

In household news: one of the cats that I currently live with, a 7 month old male kitten, has suddenly decided that playing with the toilet paper is awesome. He unraveled half a roll. Bastard.
2nd-Oct-2010 10:23 am - reading at the libaray, how novel
The fact that I'm reading fic doesn't diminish the novelty one iota. The fact that I should be working on a paper that's due Monday might XD.

It's not my fault, I went to get a tea and something to nibble on, and I couldn't manhandle my reference books at the same time as eating and so: fic. Completely logical decision. Unfortunately I don't have time to read more than the one. Le sadface. But it was well worth it.

Reckoning by tacittype  | SGA Gen, teamfic, lots of Sheppard-whumping, and Rodney thinking he's an idiot.
“I want hazard pay,” he told Sheppard's lax face, his own heart pounding as he carefully advanced the needle. “And your bootlegged DVDs,” he added. “Seriously, all of them. Do you have porn? I think you owe me porn for this. Moron.”

Okay, seriosly, back to homework. And tea!
16th-Sep-2010 04:33 pm - SO MUCH GOOD JUJU
So many happy making things happened today that I'm about to burst. Some are spillover from yesterday, but still. 24h of GLEE.

Yesterday began the happy with an email from Amazon.ca telling me that the manga I'd ordered in June was finally shipping. Yay! The jubilation was marred by the fact that they were apparently charging me almost $6 in shipping for it when it had been part of an order that qualified for free shipping. Not pleased. Admittedly, I'd changed the shipping address on the remaining items a few weeks ago because I'd moved, but still. That was weeks ago, it's not like the information wasn't in the system WELL before the item shipped. So I emailed Amazon saying that I thought it preposterous that I had to pay shipping on an item I'd been waiting more than 2 months for, and if it was because of the address change, then I still wasn't happy because the change in address was necessitated by the fact that I've moved in the 2 months since I placed the order. If everything had been shipped when the originally said it would be, I wouldn't have had to change my address. Then I went to bed.

This morning I have a bunch of emails from Amazon in my inbox. One says that I'm right about the shipping and it'll be refunded, including tax. Yay! One was a receipt for said refund. More yay! And one was an email from Amazon.com saying that my Kindle had shipped. SO MUCH YAY!

So my day began with lots of yay. Later this afternoon I went grocery shopping and when I got back, I checked the mail. There were three things with my name on them. The first was my Amazon.ca shipment. Yay manga! Under Grand Hotel Vol. 1. Nom nom nom. Second was a card from my friend who just got married. Thank you for the wedding gift, thank you for coming, here is a picture. It pleased me.

The third thing was probably what pleased me the most though. It was a letter from my Grandmother. She and I send letters back and forth all the time. It makes us happy. The last letter I wrote her talked about my move, gave her my new address, and suggested to her that for Christmas, she could renew my Fabricland membership (because it had just expired). She likes Christmas gift ideas early, and she had asked about it last year, but I'd jumped the gun and bought my own membership in September. So I open this letter, and what is held within? A new Fabricland membership with my name on it. Good for three years. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I admit that I may have performed a celebratory dance in the kitchen amidst my groceries when i opened the letter. I should probably call my Grandmother tonight and tell her that I love her x a million.
6th-Sep-2010 02:25 pm - slash wins again
The book I'm currently reading just dedicated an entire paragraph to slash fanvids. Apparently, one of the characters is a slash fangirl with vidding tenancies XD I knew there was a reason I liked her.

"Her fandoms includes the TV medical drama House, which had a lot of shashy subtext that was great for mixing to love songs, and the latest incarnation of Doctor Who."
p. 193


Talked to my mom this afternoon and she is going to be depositing some money into my account from the inheritance we got from my Grandfather. She told me to buy something nice for myself. I think she mean jewelry, but I'm buying an e-reader. I've firmly decided on a Kindle 3. I know the Kobo is cheaper and reads EPUB format, which would be preferable to the MOBI format, but the Kindle is just SO PRETTY. Plus, Calibre can deal with the format issues. So excited to order it, even if they're back-ordered until mid-September.

Spent my morning downloading free e-books from Project Gutenburg.

Also, I totally want to read Robert Heinlein's "—All You Zombies—" and The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold. I ♥ time paradoxes.
4th-Sep-2010 10:37 am - make-up is exhausting
Leeloo looks good in orange!
Current least favourite thing about the new apartment: half of the outlets in the living room don't accommodate a grounding prong, which means I can't plug my laptop in. The only outlet that does is behind the TV and a pain in the ass the get to. DISPLEASED.

I meant to go to the gym this morning, but I was completely exhausted after yesterday. Who knew that a bit of make-up could wear a person out so much. All I did was sit around and let my friend paint my face. Six times. In six different looks. My ass was numb by lunch, and my eye sockets hurt at the end of the day from all the "look down, now left, and right, now look up, to the left, and to the right." Over and over.

The make-up was fun though. Natural look, then '40s look (which I looked good in, if I do say so myself) then '40s bomb victims (ooooh, blooooood). Lunch. Then fashion makeup, which had to be good for both colour and black and white photography. My friend used a khaki colour palette, again, I looked amazing. Then we did theatre make-up, which is over the top with lots of shadow, much darker than my natural skin tone, and made me smell like crayons. Then they had to change the stage make-up to make us look old. I got yelled at because I don't have any wrinkles XD That shit wouldn't come off man, I was still rubbing at it when I got on the bus home an hour and half after we finished. Itchy.

Read a book during all my bussing. Second for September, well on my way to 5 for this month :D

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson | 198p

Don't remember how I found this title. A little indifferent after reading it. Not about the subject matter, but just about the book itself. Once again, just because something is an award winner doesn't mean it's going to blow you away.

Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez | 293p
Historical fiction isn't usually my thing, but I saw this on the shelf at chapters and the title attracted me. I read the synopsis and was further intrigued. I enjoyed it, even if the ending was a little disappointing in it's lack of happy. Who knew I was a happy-ending person?

The best part of today? IT'S 12 DEGREES. :D :D :D
2nd-Sep-2010 02:40 pm - too hoooooot
Dear hot-humid-sticky weather, burn in hell (where you belong) and leave us earth-dwellers alone. No love, me.

So hot and sticky today, ugh. Current most-favourite thing about my new apartment: air conditioning!!

Unfortunately I have to go back out in the heat in a bit. Going to go board the 'Hound and head to Burli' for the night, and then TO tomorrow to be a guinea pig for my friend who is enrolled in Complections (and I just realized how much I hate that website's interface o.o). I have no idea what she's going to be doing to me, but I guess i'll find out tomorrow XD

Can't wait for school to start on Tuesday. Only taking 3 classes, and only have to be on campus 2 days a week (Monday mornings & afternoons, and Tuesday evenings). I'm getting bored of just sitting around doing nothing. I need something more the occupy me.

Also, books from August:
Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey | 482p
I am I huge Pern addict. I own every book of the series (except this new one and the short story anthology A Gift of Dragons). I've read the majority of them 2 or 3 times. So much love. I am enjoying Todd's time in the Pern sandbox, and am totally stoked that his next book will be a collaboration with Anne McCaffrey. My fangirling has no bounds. I probably should have re-read the book that comes before this one before reading because I was kinda lost, but whatever. It was still good, even if I found all the free-love a little weird and stretching the whole Pernese relationship thing a bit far. Whatever.

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins | 384p
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins | 400p
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins | 400p

asdfijndgojndfg but do I love this series. Re-read the first two books before reading Mockingjay so that I could fully appreciate it. Read all three books in 3 days. Nom nom nom. Still love the first one, enjoyed Catching Fire more the second time around (weird) and was not disappointed with the third. It was not exactly what I was expecting. Less with the emo Katniss and more with the warmaking, but whatever. There was angst, there was the killing off of minor characters that I loved, and there was romancy bits at the end. Satisfying.

4 novels for August with a page count of 1,666p.
Totals thus far, going into the fall: 38 novels and 29 graphic novels. And too many pages to want to count right now. Woo! If I read another 20 books then I'll beat last year's total of 56. Five books a months isn't so bad :D
1st-Sep-2010 10:22 am - comics, yay!
My current biggest reason for loving my new apartment? Both of the closest bus stops have benches. So I can SIT while waiting for the never-on-time buses. Although, unfortunately, the benches are rarely in the shade. i got burnt yesterday waiting for the buses, so shade is of prime importance right now. 

Onto a book list because I want to be caught up for September and not have huge lists anymore. Doing comics from July & August today.

Scott Pilgrim (Volumes 1&2) by Bryan Lee O'Malley | 368p
I read these for class, and enjoyed them, even if they were a bit random. My comics prof arrange a private viewing of the Scott Pilgrim movie for us on the last day of class, and I found that the movie made so much more sense. Maybe I'm just not enough of a video game nut, but I totally didn't get that it was supposed to be a video game from the comics. Yes, I fail. I think I might try to read the other 4 volumes at some point/ Or just watch the movie again.

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel | 240p

Another for class. I enjoyed the wit and humor. The 'tragic' part of tragicomic peaked my interest. I also enjoyed the art. And think that the author/artist is a bit crazy for the whole 'take a picture of myself in every pose to use as reference for each frame.' Crazy.

Good-Bye by Yoshihiro Tatsumi | 208p
This was for manga week in class. We had to read on mainstream title and one alternative. This was my alternative title. I didn't really have a strong opinion about it. I didn't really care for the art. Some of the stories were dark in a way I appreciated. It took like 4 or 5 stories for me to realize they were connected through recurring characters.

Buddha (Volume 1) by Osamu Tesuka | 400p
I'd wanted to read this series for quite a while, and when it came up on my reading list for comics class, I jumped on it and read it as my mainstream manga title. I was kinda disappointed in it though. I didn't care for the art. The potty humor annoyed me, and I didn't really dig the story. Maybe if I read the remaining volumes, but I don't know that I will. Kind of a turn off.

Three Shadows by Cyril Pedrosa | 272p
I enjoyed this graphic novel thoroughly. I liked the art, and I liked the story, and I liked the way the story was told. I'd never read a European comic before (I'd never really read anything but manga when I started by comics class) but as a first experience, this was excellent. Will be getting this at the first opportunity.

Therefore Repent! by Jim Munroe & Salgood Sam | 160p

This story was talked about during a presentation in comics, and I had to read it. Premise of the story is that the Christians were right and the Rapture is real. Was real in the book, and all the faithful were called up into the sky and disappeared. And the unfaithful were left on the Earth to deal with guerrilla attacks from winged soldiers. It was pretty good, but the ending disappointed me a bit.

Promethea (Volumes 1&2) by Alan Moore | 336p
I've had my eye on this comic series for a while. It was recommended to me by Amazon forever ago because I was a Sandman fan. Thank you Amazon for getting something right. I really enjoyed the two volumes I read and can't wait to get the other three when they come in at the library.

Pinky & Stinky
by James Kochalka | 208p
I read this for the children's comics week for my comics class. I had seen an excerpt in one of out textbooks when researching for my presentation which made me want to read it. I thought it looked cute and funny, seeing as it was about two pigs made into astronauts who were on their way to Pluto. Unfortunately, the book didn't live up to my expectations. I was vaguely disgusted with the swearing, the violence, and the intolerance displayed by this book for children, and didn't enjoy it at all.

Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor & Liz Cavalier | 145p
Hatter M: Mad With Wonder by Frank Beddor & Liz Cavalier | 173p

I saw these in Chapters last week while browsing the graphic novel section, and since I love anything Alice in Wonderland, I immediately requested them from the library (and was extremely pleased that they had the title). After reading through the first volume I realized the the graphic novels were a spin off of sorts from a novel series, and now have three more books on my list. How do I keep doing this to myself?

So that would be 12 GN for July and August, with a page count of 2,510.
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