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200mph In the Wrong Direction

Heading to the End of the World

19 January 1986
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A fangirl of mass proportions, but mostly a lurker. I read fic in copious amounts when the mood strikes me. Interests cover several fandoms, mainly SF/anime, and almost exclusively slash pairings. Writing and artsing are things only dabbled in for amusement, and the products of such are rarely shared with others. Entries will mostly be of the squeeing variety, with occasional lapses into homework complaints, and covetous outbursts. Mostly incoherent rambling, and loosing of steam.

If you want to know more about my fandom interests, here is a list of fandom quirks and info, preferences, squicks, a little history, that sort of thing. This is a list of pairings that I’ve read/will read. And on the anime/manga front, here is my myanimelist.net profile, where you can see all of the anime/manga I have and plan on reading/watching.

On a non fandom front, I am a 24 year old female who will be starting a Masters of Library and Information Science at the University of Western Ontario in September of 2009. My BA is in Sociology (with a minor in Criminology) which I got from King’s University College in 2008. I never saw myself doing a Masters, until the day that I’d submitted my application, so I still feel a bit weird about it. Mostly I think I’ve gone off the deep end into crazyperson territory. There will probably be quite a bit of material relating to this showing up in my journal. Just a warning.

This journal contains nudity, sexuality, and coarse language, viewer discretion is advised.

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