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200mph In the Wrong Direction
Heading to the End of the World
my neighbour is possibly the nicest insane man I've ever met 
13th-Sep-2011 11:33 pm
Chip Foose!
So I live in the ghetto. My mom and her husband split up earlier this year, and her and I moved into more affordable living, which is code for living in the ghetto part of town. And I'm not kiddling by ghetto, 3 weeks after we moved in I saw a guy get the shit beat out of him by guys with baseballs bats (at the house across the street from mine) and the cops were ringing our doorbell at 5am today (apparently - I slept through it).

But I digress.

Part of living in the ghetto means that we are living in the back apartment of a much larger house that is divided into bachelor apartments. Currently there are all men living in the house, some of which I believe are university students. Some are not. One of my neighbours is a nice guy who occasionally delivers our mail (it's all dumped in the mail slot at the front of the building) and even brought a load of laundry up from the basement the other day. It's a little bizarre, but I can handle it.

Anyway, another sign of the ghetto is that we have mice. And not just a few. Since setting up traps a few weeks ago we've caught no less than a dozen mice, and I know there are more. Our landlord brought in this electric dodad that is supposed to drive them out, and it seemed to have worked for a few days, but in the last day or so the mice have returned. The other night my mom and I heard the trap go off in the hall that connects our apartment to the rest of the house. We decided against dealing witht he mouse right away, but heard someone in the house open the door and some shuffling. So my mom went to investigate. It was mail dude dealing with the mouse and resetting the trap. Yay mouse savior. They chatted about mice and then mom came back.

Just now I head him in there again, resetting the trap. And then I heard it go off, and him cursing. I hope it didn't get him and they he was just pissed that it didn't stay, but it seriously made me laugh to think of this guy being thwarted by a chunk of pine and some wire. XD
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